• Are the Corvin Trade technicians insured and qualified?
    Yes, we have public liability insurance for $10,000,000 and we are Australian Government approved for digital antenna installation.
  • What type of Audio Visual Installation and services do you provide?
    We provide the following services:
    • AV systems design
      • New television antenna installations (commercial, residential)
        • Digital antenna upgrades
          • Head End Systems for Hotels, Clubs, Pubs, Motels
            • Television reception problems
              • Extra TV outlets, Foxtel & telephone points
                • Digital set top decoders
                  • Hook up & tune in TV, Blu-Ray, DVD, VCR, etc.
                    • Home Theater Installation and Setups/surround sounds
                      • Plasma, LCD, LED custom installation (wall mounting, concealed wiring, connection to home entertainment system)
                        • SMART 3D TV’s setup and connection to WI-FI
                          • Amplifier setups, ceiling mount speakers
                            • Multiple zone setups
                              • IR (infrared) systems
                                • PA (public address) systems
                                  • Projectors, projector screens
                                    • Servicing existing systems
                                      • Cabling and wiring
                                        • Network setups (wired or WI-FI)
                                          • Cabinet assembly
                                            • Advice, consultation, tips and know-how
  • Can I mount my LCD, LED or plasma TV above the fireplace, is it safe?
    Yes, if you use us we will not install the TV unless it's in a safe location. We provide consultation prior to install. Please call us for your TV installation Sydney on 0405 068 451 for more information.
  • What cables do I need for my TV installation?
    This depends on what you're hooking up. Most probably you need some HDMI cables, optical cables.
  • How far should I sit from my large screen TV?
    The distance to sit from your large screen Plasma TV or LCD TV is based on the size of the flat panel screen. These distances are indicative only, obviously it is rather based on personal preferences.
    60" TV ---> approx. 4 m
    50" TV ---> approx. 3.5 m
    42" TV ---> approx. 3 m
    32" TV ---> approx. 2.2 m
    26" TV ---> approx. 1.8 m
    22" TV ---> approx. 1.5 m
  • Where do you provide professional installation service for large screen LCD TVs and Plasma televisions?
    Everywhere in Sydney and surrounding areas of Sydney. Call our TV Installation Sydney consultants for more information on our installation coverage area.
  • Do prices go up if I have a larger TV installation ?
    In some cases an additional fee is required for LCD or Plasma televisions larger than 50". Most of our competitors charge extra for televisions that are larger than 40". Please call 0405 068 451 to get our prices.
  • Are the cables that are needed for the installation included?
    No, neither is the Television, any required TV wall mounts or anything else not specifically listed in your quotation.
  • Is moving the power outlet included?
    No, unless otherwise stated on your invoice the cost of moving your outlet is not included.
  • Could I be charged more than what I agree to?
    No, in most instances you will not have to pay anything additional to what you pay for the package. On extremely rare occasions customers have special requirements that are not identified or there are not in the original scope of work. On those rare occasions the customer will be notified and must approve any additional work that will be required and any associated fees prior to the additional work being completed.
  • Do you provide commercial audio visual installation services ?
    Yes, we provide audio visual installation for commercial, business and government locations.
  • Do you charge extra for commercial, business, or government LCD TV or Plasma TV installations?
    It really depends. As a rule we do not charge extra for LCD TV or Plasma television installation just because the location is a commercial, business or government building. You will only be charged additional fees for the LCD TV or Plasma TV installation services that are outside the original scope of work. Because commercial builders are not required to build to the same standards as home builders they occasionally cut corners. When commercial builders cut corners it can require additional work outside the original scope of work to complete the installation of your Plasma or LCD TV. On these rare occasions the installer will notify the customer of any additional cost and get the customer's approval prior to completing installing the Plasma or LCD Television.
  • How long does it take to complete the installation?
    Most installs take 3-4 hours, but it can vary depending on the installation and what equipment you have. TV installation for very large LCD or Plasma screens can take longer due to the size and the additional installation requirements for the wall mount.
  • What if my TV hasn't arrived at my location yet? When should I order the installation service?
    We recommend ordering your plasma or LCD TV installation service as soon as possible. This gives you the best opportunity to get the installation on the exact date and time you require. You can always push the date out if it doesn't arrive as long as you call us prior to the day of the appointment.
  • Does the TV wall mounting service include the price of the mount equipment ?
    No. All equipment must be purchased separately. There are several types of wall brackets (fixed, tilting, swivelling, etc.). If you need assistance finding the equipment you need, please call us, we would be happy to help.
  • Will the audio visual installation team tune in my TV, set up my DVD player, VCR and other components?
    Before every install we will ask what equipment you have, what would you like to be connected and we include the setup of those equipments. TV tuning is included as well.
  • What if I need some AV component installed that is not on your website?
    Call our TV Installation consultants and we will develop a customized quote to meet your needs.
  • If I cancel my service will there be a cancellation fee?
    No, there is no cancellation fee.
  • What if the question I'm looking for is not on this page?
    Call us on 0405 068 451 to speak to our TV Installation consultant.
  • Does Corvin Trade offer Next Day Installation Service?
    Yes, we do.
  • Does Corvin Trade offer audio visual installation advice, consultation and support?
    Yes, we do offer advice, consultation and support, we also offer help through the phone if you are lost after we installed and set up your equipment. After installation we do have an approx. 20 minutes of presentation, showing you how everything works.
  • Why don't you put your prices on your web site or have a shopping cart?
    Because we don't know what you're going to pay for your installation until you tell us. Some of our competitors have their prices on their website but those are not accurate, just imagine it is like a car repair, until you don’t know what is the problem with the car, you can’t have a proper price or quotation for repairing. We always try to be as accurate as possible.