Wall/Ceiling/Cabinet Mount Televisions

Corvin Trade is responsible for TV installation for hotels, motels, clubs, TAB betting locations, real estate agencies and different institutions in Sydney and surroundings of Sydney. For several years now, we are the installers for one of the most prestigious horse racing event in Australia and in the world, for the Melbourne Cup, in different locations throughout Sydney which proves that our services are world class.

We are specialised in installing flat panel TV’s in large scale, including pre-cabling, design, set up, configuring and programming antenna systems, HeadEnd systems, Audio systems as well. No matter what type of wall do you have, we have the necessary expertise and solutions to install the TV on it for you, without any difficulties.

Below is a short list of the TV installation types what we do:

  • Wall Mounting (every type of wall)
  • Ceiling Mounting
  • Mirror Mounting
  • Glass Mounting
  • Mounting on Stand or Cabinet (including Cabinet Assembly)
  • Mounting Back to Back
  • Mounting on Bedside
  • Motorised Brackets Mounting
  • Outdoor TV’s Mount
  • Outdoor TV Weatherproof Box Mount, including TV Mount Inside the Box

We also supply all types of brackets (security brackets as well) and flat screen TV’s, specially designed for hotels, motels, clubs (with “channel lock” function for example that provides total control). All of these are of the highest-quality materials which will ensure durability and long lastingness.

If you need a nice, presentable and clean TV install in your beloved home without all the hassle, we can give you our advice and we can install it for you easily, and we can guarantee that you will not be disappointed with our performance and services.

Please check our works gallery for some of our proud TV installation Sydney that we have done in our years of service. Please do not hesitate in contacting us.