Projectors / Speakers / P.A. / Multizone AV

One of our speciality is complete audio visual installation of ceiling mounted projectors and projector screens (pull down, frame or motorised) complete with audio and a full room control system for your organisation. From simple pull down screen to a motorised screen, or a simple ceiling mount projector to motorised projector lifts, we have the expertise to install it for you.

We design systems for hotels, motels, clubs, schools, shops, restaurants, entertainment facilities, etc. incorporating sound and vision. We use quality products and tailor systems to suit the appropriate application and budget. All our systems are designed for functionality and long jevaty. We can suit any application for sound as well as vision. It can be a simple stereo sound setup with box speakers, or it can be a 110 Volt system with flush, ceiling mount speakers for your venue, we can give you solutions for it.

Public Address Systems:
Corvin Trade has installed many PA systems, from the simplest, portable ones, to the big, stadion ones. If you need a PA system, we can help you with designing the system and installing it.

Multi-zone Audio Visual Solutions:
Multi-zone audiovisual systems offers the individual both freedom and choice as they control the audiovisual element of their venue. We can design a package to distribute multiple sources throughout the venue by linking your AV components to an all-in-one hub service that can be controlled from any room using an in-wall keypad. This holistic approach allows the user to experience their favourite music or video, control lighting and security, all within comfort and from any room. Multi-room is the
distribution of music, video (or both) and digital media throughout the different areas in your venue. A very broad outline of the options are:

  • Having the same music playing throughout the venue, with each area (zone) having its own volume control.
  • Having different music playing in different zones of the venue (i.e. jazz in the main bar, rock in the ballroom and hip-hop in the outdoor area). Again each zone will have its own volume control.
  • Having different music playing throughout the venue as above, but giving each zone total and independent control over the system. i.e. if you are in the main bar, you can switch between radio stations or skip tracks on the CD player or iPod without disturbing someone who is using the system to listen to a different source in the TAB area. This can be done via keypads on the wall or a roaming remote control.
  • Any of the above, with the added luxury of distributing your video signals (FOXTEL, SKY, DVD, Nightlife, KENO, Blu-ray, etc.) throughout the venue.

For any questions regarding our audio visual installation details above, please give us a call to discuss.