Commercial Display Panels

Nowadays the big screen offers a different viewing experience, because of the advanced technology, the clarity of the picture and, of course the size. These days the biggest monitor or TV screen is 152 inch, the Panasonic HD 3D screen. Often this size is not big enough. In these cases, we can use either custom made projector screens or multiple monitors or TV wall mounting screens put next to each other, forming what we call a “cube wall”. There are different configurations, usually 2 X 2, 3 X 3, 4 X 4 screens and so on. We can have different picture on each screen (excellent for advertising for example) or we can have one picture all together displayed on the big screen.

This solution, the cube wall is ideal for commercial venues, hotels, clubs, betting locations, shopping centres, shops, etc. This type of investment will provide you great audience attention to the product or service that you promote within the business. It guarantees a sure growth for your company for it will absolutely cut the advertising cost in the long run. As this will only be a one-time payment on your end and will have an unlimited privilege to show your product or service on the cube wall.

The wide range of selections for our commercial display panels and TV wall mounting will provide an array of ideas as to which will be the best type of installation you need for your company.

Please check our works gallery for some of the TV wall mounting Sydney installs that we have done. Surely our proud works will astonish you for they are all done by professionals and experts in this field, all experience and enthusiast.

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