Home Theatre Setups

Home Theater systems are marvels of precision technology. They range from the smallest 5.1 systems to the luxury home theater systems with 3D projectors. Even with the simplest system sometimes it can be confusing what and where to connect, is the cable suitable or not? Is the sound properly adjusted?

Corvin Trade is your Home Theater specialist. No matter how big or small are your home entertainment dreams, we have the knowledge to make them true for you. We can help you through every stage of the process, like:

  • Give you advice, alternatives about different components that suit you and your budget to empower you to make an informed decision
  • We can supply the system for you or you can source and buy them
  • We install, connect and customise your system to your tastes and ensure that it meets your expectations
  • We have service and customer support for the future in case that you have questions

When installing a Home Theatre in your house, we would like to recreate the big screen in the comfort of your home. A luxury home theater is limited only by your imagination. You can have a superior design that surpasses the impact and realism of the best commercial cinemas. A well planned projector home cinema system can now easily out perform the visual and sonic abilities of your local cinema, and all from the comfort of your own home. Outstanding features include special acoustics, large screens, drapery, lighting, carpet, plush seating and easy-to-use control panels. A compact DLP or LCD projector is usually the preferred choice with full Dolby Digital 7.1 surround sound. Choose Plasma, LCD Projector depending on your requirements and budget, or integrate a plasma and projector combination.

The home theatre installation is versatile enough to adapt any idea our clients deem best for them, may it be a dedicated home cinema or a discreet install. You decide which one. We can design your cinema to be completely discreet. For example, hidden ceiling speakers and screens emerging from custom made cabinetry at the touch of a button. Or choose a dedicated home theatre room, with full cinema seating. Our innovative home theaters are designed to adapt to any space in your house. Whether you are building a new home, remodeling a spare room or completing an unfinished basement, we will create the perfect environment for enjoying a movie, watching a concert or viewing a sporting event. You will feel like you’re in a commercial theater, but in the comfort of your own home.

Corvin Trade has extensive experience in designing and building home cinemas, working with architects, interior designers and other tradesman.

Whether it is one of Corvin Trade’s solution packages or a home theatre of your own choosing, our team will help you put everything in place…precisely.

Please give us a call to arrange a site inspection or even for giving advice and tips.