TV Antenna Installation

  • Do you have a perfect picture?
  • Do you experience ghosting, interference or pixelation?
  • Is your old antenna ready for a receiving digital signal and Freeview?
  • Are you interested in adding just another TV point?

Often with a new digital TV, the old antennas are not capable of giving a strong enough signal to give you the best picture. We always test the signal at your existing antenna to see if that is the case. If your TV isn’t producing a good picture anymore, it may be that your antenna needs replacing, or there is a loose connection or you need a masthead amplifier to boost the signal. Whatever your problem, we can help.

We are Australian Government approved antenna installers, we use quality products and you can be rest assured quality workmanship by our friendly, professional technicians. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we have a name to uphold which entails us to do always our best.

Our digital antenna installation includes:

1.  Installing whole new digital antenna systems (antenna, mast, outlet, cabling)
2.  Upgrading the existing Analogue system to a Digital Ready system (Installing new antenna to old mast & cables)
3.  Extra TV point installation, Foxtel & telephone points
4.  Antenna Repair (if possible)
5.  Pre wire your new home building project

Corvin Trade has all the answers to your digital antenna Solutions questions. Our professional technicians can test your reception, diagnose the problem and supply and install the antenna and cabling to provide you with the picture you deserve.

We save you money, save you time, guarantee our work and we leave everything clean.You get the best out of our outstanding service, giving you extraordinary results.

We have a variety of digital antenna installation Sydney and TV installation packages to suit your circumstances and help you “put in the picture!”